Let It Ride Rules

The Rules In 30 Seconds
Pick 3 golfers for each week's PGA golf tournament. Note that a golfer can only be used 2 times throughout the course of the season.
Points are awarded based on how much money each selected golfer wins in each tournament.
Select an alternate golfer in case one of your picks is a NO SHOW.
Mar 7 - Aug 25 (24 weeks).
Prizes are awarded to the top performers as per the prize schedule.
About 5 minutes each week to pick your three golfers.

The Complete Rules
The goal of the contest is to accrue the most earnings by selecting PGA golfers to compete for you over a season of 24 tournaments. Each week you will select 3 golfers who will compete as part of your team. The total earnings accrued by the 3 golfers in your lineup at the END of each tournament will be added to your total season earnings. Total season earnings are used to determine the season winners.

In addition to the season competition, there are 4 separate segment competitions. The 4 segments are composed of 6 tournaments. Segment 1 is weeks 1-6, Segment 2 is weeks 7-12, and so on. During each segment, each team will accrue earnings and the top teams in each segment will also win prizes as per the Prize Money Schedule.

Scoring System
You may only use a golfer 2 times during the season. Once you have used a golfer 2 times, you may not use him for the rest of the season.

You must submit your 3 starting golfers via the website prior to first round play beginning each Thursday. The weekly lineup page contains the lineup deadline which is usually the same as the first tee time. Upon submitting your lineup, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your starting lineup.

Each golfer you submit for your starting lineup will earn you the earnings he is awarded (if he makes the cut and wins any money).

The website tracks all golfer usages for each team and makes it easy to know how many times you've used a golfer prior to submitting your lineup. All PGA Tour golfers in the system are listed in the drop-downs, not just those playing in the upcoming tournament. Therefore, you are SOLELY responsible for ensuring that your selected golfers are playing in each week's tournament. Use the resources on the website to do this including several buttons on the Lineup page such as Check Field, Odds Checker, and Tee Times.

Alternate Pick / No Shows
Each week an alternate golfer can be selected in case one of your starting golfers is a first round NO SHOW. This league is currently configured for:
Did Not Start (DNS)
Withdrawn (WD)
Disqualified (DQ)

In the rare case a golfer is started and withdraws prior to teeing off or NEVER plays in the tournament, he will not be charged a usage. This is known as a Did Not Start (DNS) scenario. Leagues can also choose to use an alternate pick for golfers who withdraw (WD) or get disqualified (DQ) in the first round. If a golfer completes the first round (i.e. posts a score for 18 holes) and then the WD/DQ occurs, the alternate pick is not applicable. If any of the NO SHOW scenarios above occur for a tournament and you have selected an alternate golfer, your lineup will be automatically updated between the 1st and 2nd rounds. You will receive a system generated email notifying you of the lineup change. The list of each team's alternate pick and whether it was used can be viewed on the Alternate Picks page available via the submenu link on the Weekly Results page.

Season Duration
The 2024 season consists of 24 tournaments from Mar 7 to Aug 25.

Prize Money
Season and segment cash prizes are awarded to top performers as per the Prize Money Schedule. There is a maximum of 125 participants.

Time Commitment
About 5 minutes each week to pick your three golfers.

Entry Fee
League entry fee is $0 per team.