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Corcoran, Matt
Apr 07 10:10 AM CDT
Post #9
Hahahaha ha.... I fucking picked tiger!
Hanley, Matt
Jun 18 9:38 PM CDT
Post #8
Hahahaha ha.... I fucking picked tiger!
Dipiero, Steve
Apr 05 9:27 PM CDT
Post #7
Agree with Kurt and David
Field, David
Apr 02 10:09 PM CDT
Post #6
I'll second that
Anders, Kurt
Apr 02 9:26 AM CDT
Post #5
I suggest the commissioner no longer allow players to make picks after the first players have teed off. This gives an unfair advantage to see what the field has picked. This should stop.
Field, David
Apr 01 2:05 PM CDT
Post #4
I can take 3 out of 10 weeks off and still smoke most of you... Not a good sign for the group.
Anders, Kurt
Feb 26 8:13 AM CST
Post #3
Fairway to Heaven and Activating Glutes, you guys giving up already? C'mon man!
Poertner, Jared
Feb 13 8:15 AM CST
Post #2
Yeaaaaaah biotch
Poertner, Jared
Feb 09 9:15 AM CST
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